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Off-Campus Access to Electronic Resources


1. Why Off-Campus

Off-Campus is a service that enables staff,faculty and students of University of Ghana(UG) to access the UG Electronic Resources when not on UG Wifi.

2. Can I access Off-Campus when connected to the UG network?

Yes,the Off-Campus service can be accessed when on UG network.
But when on the UG network,accessing the resources through Off-Campus will not be necessary since all the resources are available on the Balme Library Website.

3. How to sign up for MyLibrary Account?

Students are required to have a MyLibrary Account in order to access Off-Campus platform.Click here to Register for MyLibrary account.
To sign up for a MyLibrary Account, one will need a barcode which is of the form Student ID and date of birth(Format :DDMMMYYY) and also a password.For example, for a student with ID 10008000 and date of birth 19th September,2002 ; the barcode will be 1000800019SEP2002

4. Requirements for Off-Campus?

Students are required to have a MyLibrary Account in order to access Off-Campus service. Staff, faculty and researchers are to use their active directory credentials to authenticate and access Off-Campus.

5.What to do when a student forgots his/her password?

A student can change his/her password using the password reset link.Enter your MyLibrary barcode and click on submit. A password reset link will be sent to the email in your library account.

6.How to reset active directory credentials?

Use the following link to reset your active directory credentials.

NOTE: Send your enquiries via e-mail to for support.

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